COVID-19: Advice and Tips for Mosques, Madrassahs & Imams on dealing with Coronavirus – Omicron Variant Measures

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Mosque Management COVID-19 Guidance: Omicron Advise / Plan B Measures

From the 10th December 2021, new COVID measures will be in place as part of the UK Government’s Plan B strategy to tackle the Omicron Variant.

From the 10th December 2021, Face masks will become compulsory in Places of Worship, and from the 13th December 2021, NHS Covid Pass will need to be shown in any venue with more than 500 people (Jummah, events and busy prayer times).

This guidance is part of the wider COVID-19 guidance developed by Faith Associates, together with UK Council of Mosques, that has been provided regularly for over 18 months throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This guidance is providing advise and measures for the leadership of Mosques and Islamic Centres to follow based on guidance released by the Government.

It is important to note that this guidance may be subject to change if the ground reality on infection and hospitalisation rates change.

Step 3 Opening Guidance 17th May 2021 for Mosques and Madrassahs UK

Ramadan 2021 Mosque Guidance – England COVID-19 Restrictions

Post Updated on 12/03/2021

Mosque COVID-19 4 Step Plan To Unlock Restrictions

Post Updated on 26/2/2021

UK Mosque Mobolisation Directory – Mosque Vaccine Hubs

Post Updated on 21/1/2021

We have seen many innovative ways in which Mosque staff, volunteers and leaders have supporting those in need so it is therefore very important for the public to know what help is available to them in these troubled times.

During the 1st and 2nd lockdown periods in 2020 and now during the 3rd Lockdown at the start of 2021, many Mosques have been doing more to help those around them and we would to collate this information so that we can continue to provide essential support to our Mosques and communities.

Imams Campaign Combating Vaccine Misinformation

Post Updated on 17/1/2021

Imams in mosques across the UK will deliver sermons at Friday prayers this week seeking to reassure worshippers about the safety and legitimacy of Covid-19 vaccinations and reminding them of the Islamic injunction to save lives.

Imams will say that the vaccines are halal – permissible in Islam – and there should be no hesitation in taking them. They will urge worshippers to dismiss rumours, myths and “fake news” about the jabs and say: “It is our ethical duty to protect ourselves and others from harm.”

The initiative comes from Imams Online senior editor, Imam Qari Asim through MINAB, and endorsed and supported by Imams Online.

Mosque COVID-19 Risk Assessment Checklist Support 2021

Post Updated on 17/1/2021

Faith Associates as part of its Mosque COVID-19 Risk Assessment training and support, have produced a Mosque Risk Assessment – Review Policy Checklist for Mosques following the announcement of the 3rd National Lockdown and new COVID variant. The Risk Assessment Checklist has been downloaded by Institutions across the UK.

In light of rising cases and deaths across the UK, The Government placed the nation into a national lockdown on the 3rd January 2021. However, Places of Worship were allowed to remain open, as long as they followed Government guidelines.

A major reason behind the rising cases, has been the UK mutant strain, that was found to be as much as 70% more infectious. The emergence of this new strain, has led to the development of the new Mosque Review Checklist, ensuring Mosques re-assess the key functions of the institution and ensure they are safe and secure centres.

UPDATED – Madrassah and OOSS Guidance from Government

Post Updated on 08/1/2021

3rd National Lockdown – Mosque and Madrassah Management Guidance

New National Lockdown in place – Places of Worship Allowed To Stay Open

Post Updated on 02/1/2021

Tier 4 Restrictions – Mosque and Madrassah Management Guidance

Updated new guidance on Tier 4 restrictions across much of the UK

Post Updated on 21/12/2020

Winter Plan – Mosque and Madrassah Management Guidance Post Lockdown

Updated new guidance from Faith Associates

Post Updated on 23/11/2020

2nd Lockdown – Mosque and Madrassah Management

Updated new guidance from Faith Associates

Post Updated on 04/11/2020

Mosque and Madrassah Guidance Webinars

In partnership with Lancashire Council of Mosques 

Post Updated on 04/11/2020

NEW Lockdown Announced – ALL Places of Worship Closed

Post Updated on 01/11/2020

New restrictions dictate that Places of Worship will be closed, unless they are being used for:

  • Funerals
  • To broadcast acts of worship
  • Individual prayer
  • Formal childcare or where part of a school
  • Essential voluntary and public services, such as blood donation or food banks
  • Other exempted activities such as some support groups

How To Manage A COVID-19 Outbreak in Madrassah / OOSS

Post Updated on 13/10/2020

This guidance image of what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your Madrassah / Out of School Settings (OOSS) has been developed in conjunction with the Faith Associates Mosque and Madrassah Risk Assessments.

As Mosques, Madrassahs and OOSS are now open across the UK, there has been situations which have occurred where some worshippers and individuals have unfortunately tested positive COVID-19 and the Mosque & Madrassah leaders have had to react quickly and follow the correct steps. This guidance image provides the steps required of the Management of the Madrassah on how to respond to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Three Tier Lockdown in Place Across the UK

Post Updated on 13/10/2020

How to ensure Mosques remain “COVID Secure” Venues

Post Updated on 20/09/2020

Places of Worship Including Mosques Remain Open As Usual Following New Government Guidance

Post Updated on 09/09/2020

Providing Madrassah Risk Assessment Training with Bradford Council for Mosques

Post Updated on 01/09/2020

Positive COVID-19 test – Mosque Action Checklist

Post Updated on 07/08/2020

Eid in the Mosque or Park Guidance and Support

Post Updated on 28/07/2020

Mosque Jummah / Friday Prayers Guidance & Support

Post Updated on 14/07/2020

Government Out of Schools Settings Guidance and Advice –

Post Updated on 03/07/2020

Faith Associates providing Risk Assessment training to Mosques in Bristol, Blackburn, London, Gloucester, Huddersfield as Mosques re-open on 4th July 2020

Post Updated on 23/06/2020

Faith Associates partnership with Bradford Council of Mosques Providing Risk Assessments to over 100+ Mosques

Post Updated on 19/06/2020

Faith Associates in official partnership with Bradford Council for Mosques are Risk Assessing over 100 Mosques in the city in preparation for the re-opening of places of worship for congregational prayer.

There are currently Risk Assessment trainers visiting various Mosques daily in the Bradford area ensuring they are safe to re-open once Government guidance allows in light of the new COVID-19 requirements.

Risk Assessment Services for Mosques and Track & Trace APP Guidance/Advice

Post Updated on 30/06/2020

Faith Associates is working with a number of partners in developing support for our Mosques and Islamic centres to deal with COIVD-19 pandemic but also deal with the aftermath following the opening after lockdown inshallah.

Risk Assessment V1 – Released on 28th May 2020

Risk Assessment V2 – Released on 8th June 2020 

Risk Assessment V2.5 – Released on 15th June 2020

Risk Assessnebt V3.0 – Released on 29th June 2020

Plan To Re-Build: Balancing the Mosques Finances and Fundraising Strategies

Post Updated on 18/05/2020

Whether you are a registered charity or a company, the general function of the Mosque is to provide a service (khidmah) and a place to practice the obligations in Islam Ibadah (worship) to the community. For these services to survive, the Mosque must meet its financial and legal obligations, such as maintain a safe and healthy environment as well cover all costs of water, electricity, gas, rate, and wages, etc.

COVID-19 is already having a massive effect on the economies of every country in the world and when economies are adversary affected, the communities within them will also be affected. Mosques are similarly affected due to their dependence on the community around them.
Supporting Documents

  • – Financial Risk – Template
  • – Cash Flow Forecast – Template
  • – Income Diversification Tool – Template

Shaukat warraich

Launch of the UK Mosque Directory  – Showcasing and updating services provided by Mosques across the country

Post Updated on 11/05/2020

Mosques and Faith institutions across the UK are doing exemplary work providing various services to communities affected by COVID-19. Over 100 Mosque services related to Coronavirus support have already been submitted to the Mosque Directory – available for communities to search and reach out for the help they need.

At a time of great difficulty, having a national directory where people can search for the support they require, and having a list of institutions in their locality to reach out to is very important. There is help available for the people of this country during these troubled times; Mosques have mobilised in a great way and this Mosque Directory is an innovative way to showcase these services.

Ramadan & Eid 2020 – Guidance and Advice for Mosques

Post Updated on 20/05/2020

Mosque Management During COVID19 – National Conference Calls

Post Updated on 19/04/2020

New Initiative Launched – Ghusal / Burial Volunteers Needed Across The UK for COVID19 Deaths

Post Updated on 05/04/2020


Mosque Security Guidance for Mosques During Lockdown

Post Updated on 26/03/2020

Imams Online Guidance & Advice

Post Updated on 25/03/2020

UK Council of Mosques & Institutions Statements & Work During COVID-19

Post Updated on 15/04/2020

Government Advises Against Mass Gatherings – Mosques Closures Escalating

Post Updated on 16/03/2020

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock MP, has stated in Parliament that faith groups and places of worship are part of the national advise to stop mass gatherings – Faith Associates is liaising with our partners in the various UK Council of Mosques to discuss next steps.

Faith Associates alongside UK Council of Mosques call for Mosques to go Digital & Optimise their online presence

Poster Updated 18/03/2020

Post Released 13/03/2020

Planning ahead of Ramadan 2020 – Advice and Guidance

Post Updated on 12/03/2020

At present, with Ramadan just over a month away, there has been no confirmed plans on restricting gatherings. However, on the morning of the 9th March 2020, there was a Cobra Meeting that was held to discuss banning gatherings at football matches, events and church halls (that would effect Mosques and other places of worship).

It was confirmed that the decision to ban public gatherings had been delayed and was not taken as the UK currently remain in ‘containment’ phase. 

With Ramadan around the corner, it is imperative that Mosques (we are talking and liaising with various council of Mosques in the UK) plan for such a situation and understand how it might work in practice.

The advice regarding fasting should follow similar religious rulings to other type of illnesses. The situation and landscape of COVID-19 is changing everyday, we are likely to have a better understand as Ramadan gets closer – but nothing can be ruled out and Mosque leaders should be alert and aware of this possibility.


Faith Associates and Beacon Mosque have published advice to Mosques and Islamic Centres on practical steps to reduce the risk of Coronavirus.

Post Updated on 3/03/2020

UK Councils of Mosques have come together to support the guidance

Mosques and Imams in our networks across the globe reached out for set guide and visuals to send to congregations and members.

This short guidance recommends incorporating simple precautions into worship services and busy areas, especially during Friday prayers and events.

The situation will be kept under close review and updates will be made accordingly.

Shaukat Warraich, CEO of Faith Associates said; “We pray for those affected by the Coronavirus here and around the world. Fortunately, the virus here in the UK is stable and at present, the risk is ‘moderate’ with precautions and steps in place.

There are some important steps for Mosques and Islamic institutions to take, much of this is mainly hygiene based – washing hands, providing tissues and hand towels, extra cleaning of prayer mats..”

The UK Council of Mosques that are supporting this initiative alongside Faith Associates:

UPDATED: 18/02/2020

Other Community Groups Advice & Guidance

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