Faith Associates has been working on the international stage for a number of years building standards and empowering communities. Through various of our bespoke projects and services we have been on the ground focusing on Mosques, Madrassah and Imam empowerment. We have developed strong partnerships and relationships in different regions, helping take what we have been doing in the UK for two decades to a global scale.


Our work across five continents

Faith Associates in Africa

Faith Associates has been working in partnership with the United Nations (UNDP) in delivering Mosque and Madrassah services and training to faith institutions across the region. A key focus of our Africa work has been in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Faith Associates in Europe

Faith Associates have been working across Europe for a number of years on different projects from Imams Online to Mosque Security. We have developed partners in Nordic region and mainland Europe – they include the European Commission.

Faith Associates in Nordic States

A key focus of Faith Associates’ work in Europe has been specifically focused on the Nordic States. Through partnerships and relationships with National governments in this region as well as the Nordic Safe Cities, we have been working to assist in the development of Beacon Mosques in the region.

Faith Associates in Middle East

Faith Associates has been working in the Middle East mainly through its Imams Online project, working and supporting the Forum for Peace project which is supported by the Abu Dhabi Government. Our work is to oversee and assist in the develop of Imams, enabling them to tackle modern day challenges through various mediums.

Faith Associates in North America

Faith Associates has been involved in various initiatives and conferences in North America. We have been invited to showcase our work on Mosque and Imam development on all levels from policy to grassroots. We have been invited to ISNA, RIS and faith retreats in the region showcasing our work.

Faith Associates in Australia

Faith Associates has been invited to Australia and New Zealand in various capacities over the years by organisations and policy makers in the region. Following the Christchurch terror attack in 2019, we were requested to visit both countries and share best practice on Mosque development and security.

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