Working to safeguard people and faith institutions

Through training and support, we endeavour to protect children from harm, ensure that they are safe online & offline, & that Mosque buildings are safe from attacks.

Faith Associates are experts in risk management and have worked to keep people safe in faith institutions for over 15 years. Focussing on Mosques and Madrassah, we have delivered training to over 5000 institutions, over multiple continents, ensuring they are safe from growing threats. 

We specialise in keeping children safe online, offline and in our religious institutions, and will continue to work tireless to prevent abuse. 


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Protecting Muslims and Faith Institutions

Through correct training and awareness, child abuse can be successfully prevented. With 15 years of Mosque, safeguarding and child protection experience, we are experts in ensuring Mosque committees, and all those in contact with children know the safeguards required for children to be safe and secure.

Protecting a Generation 

We adopt a multi-faceted approach to protecting our future generations from abuse. Ensuring online, and offline safety for all children and vulnerable people.

Listening to Children

We aim on equipping children with the tools and skills needed tackle difficult conversations about keeping safe, giving them the confidence to speak up and against harm.

Mosque Security 

We help keep the Mosque premises safe through identifying risks, training staff on ways control them while applying concepts to keep the facility, and congregations safe.

Supporting Parents

Children are facing ever changing challenges, so it is important we keep up to date with them. We have created toolkits informing, and educating parents on risks to children and how to combat these.

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Below are some of our key strategic partners we’ve worked with when it comes to safety online and offline.

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