Mosque COVID-19 Risk Assessment – Review Policy Checklist 2021

Faith Associates as part of its Mosque COVID-19 Risk Assessment training and support, have produced a Mosque Risk Assessment – Review Policy Checklist for Mosques following the announcement of the 3rd National Lockdown and new COVID variant.

The Mosque Risk Assessment – Review Policy Checklist updated on 13th January 2021, features a breakdown of several tasks and sections related to the Mosque. These include:

  • General running of the Mosque (day to day)
  • Congregational Prayers (Jammat)
  • Funeral Prayers – Janazah held separately from congregational prayers

In light of rising cases and deaths across the UK, The Government placed the nation into a national lockdown on the 3rd January 2021. However, Places of Worship were allowed to remain open, as long as they followed Government guidelines (See here).  

A major reason behind the rising cases, has been the UK mutant strain, that was found to be as much as 70% more infections. The emergence of this new strain, has led to the development of the new Mosque Review Checklist, ensuring Mosques re-assess the key functions of the institution and ensure they are safe and secure centres.


Faith Associates have been providing Mosque Risk Assessment training across the UK throughout 2020 in partnership with UK Council of Mosques:

  • Mosque Risk Assessment Training / Support – VIEW HERE
  • Madrassah Risk Assessment Training / Support – VIEW HERE
  • Risk Assessment partnership with Council of Mosques – READ MORE
  • National Lockdown – Mosque and Madrassah Management – VIEW HERE


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