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A key branch of Faith Associates work in developing effective communications strategies is to focus on providing relevant training workshops and seminars to faith leaders (Imams, Scholars and Aalimahs) that is catered to developing their non theological skills in areas of both traditional and new age social media.

Having had success with the Mosque and Madrassah Management training programmes, Faith Associates has developed specifically designed workshop programmes for Faith Leaders that look to upskill and instil greater confidence in non-theological areas of development.

Within the context of media, the Faith Associates training programme has been delivered in key localities across the UK and focuses on showing faith leaders the power of social media and how to best utilise it, understand the role traditional print and online media plays in shaping discourses and how to engage with it and practical skills to develop public speaking and press releases.

We have delivered this training programme in key Mosques around the country, including Derby Jamia Mosque, which was attended by a diverse age range of Imams and Mosque Management committees.

Our work with individual religious voices has also yielded positive results. Faith Associates has focussed on facilitating a relationship between Imams and key media outlets in order to promote a positive message of Islam to a wide target audience. The results can be seen here.

Faith Associates continues to offer and deliver effective Media training workshops. For further information or advice relating to communications, email us at or call +44 (0) 1494 416202.

The expectations of Imams are growing rapdily, no longer is the Imams someone who just leads prayers in the Mosque. Imams are expected to engage with wider community and that includes the media. If an incident occurs, the media want to talk to the Imam as head of the community. As community leaders, Imams are also encouraged and required to have social media accounts to be able to spread their message beyond the walls of the Mosque.

Faith Associates having developed bespoke award winning Mosque and Madrassah training, have also developed media training for Imams and Mosque leaders. The training aims to help Imams engage with media and develop the right skills to be able to confident enough to engage. The aspect of social media is an important aspect of the training. We have brought this aspect into our annual Digital Summits (2014,2015,2016,2017,2018) most recently held at YouTube, Facebook and Google HQ.

Due to our media training, many faith leaders now engage regularly with nationwide media and have developed life skills that will only serve them well in their professional and private life.

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I offer my gratitude to Faith Associates for their tireless but steadfast work and their continuous support and cooperation. The Beacon Mosque Project was a team effort and and together with FA we have achieved the success of gaining a star standard. Without their extended support and guidance we wouldn’t probably would not able succeed this achievement and be able to strive for excellence in our services, gaining the status we have today.

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