Launch of the Safeguarding Guide for Faith Insititutons

Launch of the Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding Guide for Faith Based Establishments

Download the official Safeguarding Guide here:

Faith Associates has launched  ‘The Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding Guide for Faith Based Establishments’. This guide has been developed to help faith institutions with advice and guidance in relation to their safeguarding arrangements.

The launch took place in Birmingham on the weekend of 16th January 2016 with members of the Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Sikh community present.

This comprehensive guide takes you through a six step process that will provide the necessary information, procedures and advice to ensure the establishment of a safe environment.

The launch event comprisec of presentations, workshops and discussions with key council leads and the authors of the guide. It also showcased a marketplace of suppliers willing to support faith institutions in the development of its safeguarding output and provided the invitees an opportunity to network with leaders from a variety of faith groups representing different faith institutions.

Many people from the community turned up for the launch

A large crowd attended the launch, which included a presentation of the Safeguarding Guide

People of various backgrounds and faiths attended the event

Speakers at the launch included individuals from Birmingham Council & Safeguarding Board

An Individual at the event reading the Safeguarding Guide

Micho. H. Moyo speaking during the launch of the safeguarding guide

There were different parts of the community at the launch of the safeguarding guide

There were representatives from Faith Associates, Birmingham Council & Birmingham Safeguarding Board

The successful launch of the guide was in Partnership with:

Download the official Safeguarding Guide here:

Faith Associates have been providing safeguarding training to faith communities for over 15 years. We have accredited trainers who go up and down the UK and around the world providing bespoke safeguarding training for faith institutions. In partnership with Birmingham City Council. we developed the official safeguarding guide for all faiths.

In partnership with the Birmingham City Council, the safeguarding team led by our CEO, Shaukat Warraicy, we developed a in depth safeguarding guide not just for the Muslim community but all faiths. All faith institutions face similar threats and dangers, we used our extensive interfaith network to work with all parts of the community in the development of the guide. The guide provides solutions for management to implement to ensure children and adults are protected in places of worship.

The completion of the guide resulted in a launch event in Birmingham with various partners. There was a diverse representation in the room of a variety of people in the community. The guide was sent across the UK to all places of worship as well as being placed online & has been downloaded over 3000 times. It is the go to guide for safeguarding for faith institutions.

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I offer my gratitude to Faith Associates for their tireless but steadfast work and their continuous support and cooperation. The Beacon Mosque Project was a team effort and and together with FA we have achieved the success of gaining a star standard. Without their extended support and guidance we wouldn’t probably would not able succeed this achievement and be able to strive for excellence in our services, gaining the status we have today.

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