Supporting Schools in the South East

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Faith Associates successfully supports schools and local authorities in the South East of England through consultation and project delivery with the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

From 2008-2010, Faith Associates was consulted by the DCSF, through the South East Region office to deliver a series of toolkits and initiatives aimed at providing specialist advice to priority local authorities. Through this consultation, Faith Associates developed and published a wide range of resources catered to specifically assessed needs.

Through consultation, research and review, Faith Associates produced tools and resources pertaining to 3 key areas, namely: Audit, Resources and Curriculum.

Audit Tool

The Audit Tool was created to help governors, school managers and curriculum leaders assess their current practice and help them identify priorities for improvement when addressing their response to the DCSF ‘Toolkit Working together to be safe’. This tool provides a framework to review school’s current practice to build on the universal, targeted and specialist work identified in the Toolkit and develop it further, in conjunction with other activities that are taking place locally. The tool covers: Leadership and Values; Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum; Pupil Support and Challenge; and, Managing Risk and Responding to Events.

Resources Guide

This guide independently reviews and provides an outline of a selection of Prevent (Preventing Violent Extremism) resources available to support teaching and learning in educational settings. The resources were reviewed and presented to teachers, resulting in this guide.

Curriculum Initiatives

This summary helps schools see how curriculum initiatives they may have in their school contribute to the teaching, learning and the curriculum aims of the Prevent Toolkit: ’a curriculum and pedagogy which promotes knowledge, skills and understanding to build the resilience of pupils and explore controversial issues’. Following an outline of each initiative an example of its contribution to teaching, learning and curriculum is provided. The curriculum initiatives that support building the resilience of pupils and exploring controversial issues are those that: promote pupils’ wider skill development, encourage active citizenship and pupil voice, building young people’s confidence in discussing and engaging in difficult personal issues and increase school staff’s confidence in engaging young people in discussing controversial issues.

Project deliverance and support in the education sector continues to be a key area of focus for Faith Associates. Faith Associates continues to provides policy advice, the development of education materials and support services to local, regional, national and international government and third sector organisations.

Faith Associates delivers its education product development and policy advice services across the spectrum of education sectors: University, College, Secondary Schools and Primary Schools.

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