Supporting Parents

Supporting parents in keeping children safe

Through training and support, we work with parents and guardians to improve the safety of children online and at school. 

In our dedication to keeping children safe, we acknowledge that parents play an integral role. It is however easy to feel overwhelmed by the dynamic landscape in which our children grow, learn and play, and that is why our dedicated team keeps up to date to inform parents on what to look out for, and how to work together with your children to keep them safe.


Our Keeping Muslims Safe Online publication was created with one of its purposes to inform parents about potential online threats, and how to respond to them. We have also developed various forms of information and guidance for parents on our Madrassah platform (




Working Together with Parents to Keep Children Safe

Working with Parents to Improve Child Safety

We are supporting parents by ensuring that the religious institutions our children study in are equipped to keep them safe, with the correct policies, procedures and oversight. 

Faith Associates has developed a Madrassah Rating facility where parents and guardians can rate their Madrassah experience and offer recommendations for other parents. 


Rate Your Madrassah

A unique facility allowing parents to rate the Madrassah their children attend.  Based on a set criteria around quality of teaching and child safety, the ratings bring parents together as a community to share good practice.

Checks to make when hiring a home tutor

If you decide to hire a tutor to teach your child Quran, Arabic or Islamic Studies at home, you must ensure that you do all that is possible to determine the safety and suitability of the tutor for working with your child.

Intersted in training?

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Below are some of our key strategic partners we’ve worked with when it comes to safety online and offline.

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