Shaukat WarraichFounder & CEO

Shaukat Warraich CEO Faith Associates
Shaukat Warraich CEO Faith Associates

Shaukat Warraich is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur and is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Faith Associates a pioneering enterprise, developing strategies, organisational and operational capacity for the 3rd sector and commercial entities in the UK and abroad. He has held a number of leadership positions in the commercial and charitable sectors helping to increase performance and sustainability. He has been responsible for producing a number of key pieces of literature and community interventions in the UK and abroad.

He has advised and worked with a number of UK and European Government ministries. He was the lead adviser and consultant commissioned by the British Government for the national consultation and ultimate launch in 2006 of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Body (MINAB 2006) which constitutes over 600 Mosques and Islamic centres in the UK.

He has worked with and advised over 30 UK local authorities and regional governmental agencies on matters of social policy, integration and working with faith institutions. He has also advised and worked with a number of European and North American governmental departments and agencies to develop community interventions and strategies to interpenetrate policy on the ground. He has also been invited and chaired the youth empowerment round table for the United Nations at the

“Alliance of Civilizations” conferences in Madrid and Istanbul.

To much acclaim during the London 2012 Olympic games he founded and launched the Iftar 2012 initiative, where Olympic teams, dignitaries and ministers were hosted for Iftari in various Mosques in Olympic cites to share the Ramadan experience. Olympic teams, Ministers and diplomats from the USA, UK, Afghanistan, Egypt and others were hosted and reported around the world.

Shaukat Warraich is also the founder and Headteacher of the Slough Community School, an initiative tackling educational underachievement in the Pakistani community. The School was awarded the “Excellence in Education” award by His Royal Highness, Prince of Wales through his Mosaic scheme in 2009.

He has authored several publications, in particular the Mosque and Islamic Centre management guide (2007), the Mosque Open day guide (2008) and the Madrassah management, safeguarding guide (2009). He has pioneered safeguarding protocols in Mosques and Madrassah and his literature and training is in use by various local authorities and offered as good practices for all faith communities 2016.

A key are of his work has also focused on safety and security of faith institutions, he was commissioned by Birmingham City council to devise an incident management guide 2016 supported by the UK Minister of Security. Guide has resulted  in many workshops and the development of

He has established a global bench mark of standards for Mosques and Madrassah under the Beacon Mosques standards kite mark (2017). He is also the chief editor of, a non-sectarian blog platform showcasing good practices of Imams globally as we as facilitating the recruitment and placement of Imams in various community and public sectors roles. He has also developed the 1st African Mosque and Madrassah management guide under the sponsorship of the UNDP in 2017-18. The guide has been piloted in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

In 2018 he also launched the inaugural and much acclaim British Beacon Mosque Awards showcasing the Best in British Mosque and the 1st accredited 5 STAR mosques in the UK.

He currently sits on the Facebook anti hate working group OCCI and has authored the Keep Muslim safe guide on Facebook.

He has traveled extensively, training and lecturing on these and other topics related to leadership and management in the UK and overseas. He is also a regular commentator in the media on various subjects particularly on integration, cohesion

Writer for Huffington Post 
Writer for Muslim News

Specialist Advisor Positions
2015-2016 – Specialist Advisor to (Ministry) Department of Education – UK
2018-2019 – Specialist Advisor to Mayor of London
2019- Ongoing – University of Cardiff – Understanding British Imams Research

twitter: @shaukatwarraich

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