Spanish Mosques Targetted with Flares, Graffiti and Abuse

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Vandals have attacked a Spanish mosque with racist graffiti – the latest in a spate of Islamophobic assaults in the country since Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona.

The Seville Mosque Foundation’s centre was targeted with anti-Muslim hate speech, such as ‘Killers, you’re going to pay’, and another one that used a slur for North Africans.

The graffiti, which was discovered on Saturday morning, also included threats to behead Muslims with machetes.

At the same time a mosque in Granada was attacked with flares by a gang of people in a horrific racist attack. Shocking footage of the Granada attack shows children and families fleeing in terror as orange smoke filled the area, and around a dozen people chant racist slogans.

Around a dozen people descended on the mosque, holding a banner that said ‘Whoever finances this mosque, finances terrorism’ while spitting racist epithets.

The right-wing group Hogar Social has been accused of carrying out the attack and were reportedly driven away by police officers.

A witness to the attack said,

People started to hear xenophobic chants and these ‘beings’ appeared. Tourists in the mosque’s yard and entrance started running away. Kids, families. The people of faith there closed the doors from inside as these neos [Neo-Nazis] were doing their chants. They then tried to enter, or so it seemed. To insult or to attack I couldn’t tell. But these people are not nice at all.

Jalid Nieto, a spokesman for the mosque, said,

They are taking advantage of Thursday’s terror attack, which pains us and has left us devastated, to try to make ideological capital. People should understand that Muslims, just like any other person, can be victims of the injustice of the individuals behind Thursday’s attacks.’

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Source: Metro

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