Strategic Campaign Planning & Execution

Faith Associates has been involved in executing digital campaigns and communication strategies for over 10 years relating to a range of our projects focusing on empowering ethnic minorities, faith institutions and the BAME community. We have created our own specialist team that oversee the planning and execution of campaigns. We specialize in the below:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing insights and data analytics
  • Digital strategy and integrated planning
  • Pay per click strategy
  • Content creation
  • Web management
  • Branding design
  • Page ranking
  • Polling
  • Community Engagement
  • Message development and distribution

Digital Collaborations

Global Campaign Reach

Countries our campaigns have reached: UK, Australia, Indonesia, France, Pakistan, Malaysia, USA, Nigeria, Turkey, Denmark, South Africa & Germany.

Mosque COVID-19 Communications

National Vaccine Campaign [BAME]

Ramadan Reminders

Since 2015, we have produced a series every Ramadan called ‘Ramadan Reminders’. We film 30 short videos of Imams, one for each day of the month, talking about key reminders relating to making the most out of the holy month. Using our Imams Online network, each year we engage different Imams from different backgrounds covering different areas of the UK, Ramadan Reminders is now seen as a set feature for many Muslims in the UK.

Campaign Reach

People reached: 1.2 million

Video views: 450’000

Website hits: 50’231

Safer Giving UK

Since 2013, The Charity Commission has been running a Safer Giving campaign, every Ramadan to ensure that anyone giving zakat first checks that they’re giving money to a legitimate charity registered with the Commission. Faith Associates has been supporting the campaign promoting posters, images and videos to the Muslim community in the UK.

Campaign Reach

People reached online: 419k

Video views: 298k

Islamic Institutions reached offline: 2000

People reached offline: 10’000

What British Muslims Really Do

The series highlights the incredible contributions Muslim faith leaders make to their communities across some of the UK’s most iconic cities. Following them in their community doing outreach work and supporting those in need. The groundbreaking series followed 10 Islamic leaders capturing their work in their daily lives over 6 months.

Campaign Reach

People reached: 2 million

Video views: 724,886

Website hits : 79,187

Haqiqah Magazine

Haqiqah translates into “the truth” or “the reality” – has been created by British Muslim scholars with the aim of taking an active step to educate young people about the reality of extremist movement. The magazine was developed to directly challenge Dabiq, the ISIS magazine and promote the true teachings of Islam.

Campaign Reach

People reached: 2 Million

Website hits: 2 million

Downloads: 170’000

Imams Fair Wage

This was developed to support Imams and help spark a much needed conversation in the Muslim community around the role of a 21st Century British Imam and the establishment of defined duties and viable remuneration that will help legitimize the role.

Campaign Reach

People reached: 98’259

Comments: 2,732

Website hits: 67,627

Page Views: 38,219

Muslim Safety Guide

Developed the Keeping Muslims Safe Online in official partnership with Facebook. The guide outlines the risks that exist online for Muslim users and provide them with a breakdown of the tools and resources Facebook has produced to help report, flag and block hateful content.

Campaign Reach

People reached: 2,043,913

Post Likes: 407,577

Comments: 7,429

Website hits: 718,627

Download: 11,882

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I offer my gratitude to Faith Associates for their tireless but steadfast work and their continuous support and cooperation. The Beacon Mosque Project was a team effort and and together with FA we have achieved the success of gaining a star standard. Without their extended support and guidance we wouldn’t probably would not able succeed this achievement and be able to strive for excellence in our services, gaining the status we have today.

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