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Providing transparent and open elections in Mosques and Islamic Centres is one of the key stages of development for these institutions. With the right constitution in place, elections can provide the springboard to bring new energy and enthusiasm and to increase participation in management and leadership by women and young people.

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    The team at Faith Associates will be present from the start of the election process until the end. We will sit down the Mosque managers and be apart of the pre election discussions which are integral in regards to overseeing the whole process.

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      We will work with you to design and conduct your Mosque and Islamic centre elections. This activity includes advice on the voting system, candidate information and pre-election discussions, design of the ballot, count and verification of the vote and providing or assisting in the recruitment of election support staff.

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        The team will do the final count and will verify the final result of the Mosque election.

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            I offer my gratitude to Faith Associates for their tireless but steadfast work and their continuous support and cooperation. The Beacon Mosque Project was a team effort and and together with FA we have achieved the success of gaining a star standard. Without their extended support and guidance we wouldn’t probably would not able succeed this achievement and be able to strive for excellence in our services, gaining the status we have today.

            Mevlana Rumi Mosque
            Manager of Mosque , Mevlana Rumi Mosque

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