Secretary of State Rt Hon Theresa May MP launches Iftar 2013

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FA TM arrivalSecretary of State Rt Hon Theresa May MP launches Iftar 2013

Secretary of State Rt Hon Theresa May MP launched Iftar 2013 in the Islamic Centre, Maifenhead, on the evening on the 11th July, with hundreds of community members in attendance.

She welcomed the intitiative of Iftar 2012, and said, “The iftar’s in mosques are a wonderful way to bring communities together and to help people understand the Islamic practices that take place in mosques.”

She also said, “the British Muslim community’s generosity in the month of Ramadan and the sharing of the Ramadan feast via the Iftar 2013 campaign is to be commended and applauded.”

The Iftar, the evening meal that breaks the Muslim fast during the holy month of Ramadan, is a time of celebration that traditionally includes the hosting of guests and travellers.

Shaukaut Warraich, Director of Iftar 2013, said, “I am delighted that so many mosques across the UK are taking part in Iftar celebrations… I hope people will keep an open mind and come along to local mosques. They will be warmly welcomed and there will be a chance to do some mythbusting about the mosques and Islam.”

The iftar 2013 website,, will provide details of participating mosques across the UK. The site will be using the laest social media tools to help visitors of any faith and no faith find out what is happening in their area by simply typing in their postcode. Some of the nation’s smaller mosques will have designated Iftar days; the larger ones will run Iftars every day throughout Ramadan, which will host communities and officials as part of the national festivities.

For further information, and to arrange media interviews, please contact:

Faith Associates/Iftar 2013 office, on 01494 416202

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