Safety Checklist for Madrassah Teachers

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Safety Checklist for Madrassah Teachers

The ‘Safety Checklist for Madrassah Teachers & Staff’ has been produced by Faith Associates as an easy to access reference point for Madrassah staff, outlining the appropriate steps to take when having to deal with suspicions of abuse, concerns of pupils and potential complaints regarding adults.

The role of Madrassah teachers becomes very important when having to negotiate sensitive scenarios which is why this safety checklist has been produced; in order to best aid and direct staff to take the appropriate action.

Madrassah Teachers have a big responsibility and it is important they understand how to deal with certain scenarios and what action to take.

As a Madrassah Teacher, if you suspect a pupil is being abused, or  pupil confides in you, what is the best way to act and what action should you take? This checklist will cover various scenarios.

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