Muslim Digital Citizens Guide


The open nature of the online world gives us the opportunity to connect and share ideas. In a world that increasingly operates online, the citizenship model and an individual’s rights and responsibilities are still key. Many internet users forget the online world is still the ‘real world’; it has become an extension of all our lives, it’s important to understand the right etiquette of its usage. The Muslim Digital Citizens guide aims to inform Muslims how Islam teaches us to behave in all aspects of our life, including the online world.

Five Core Islamic Values

This was comprised of five core Islamic values that cover the main principles of responsibilities and behaviour. These five values are; Respect, Patience, Honesty, Kindness & Excellence. There are four scenarios dedicated to each value that go through various situations Muslims find themselves online, and how to correctly behave.

Guide Objectives

This guide will enhance the understanding of a Muslims rights and behavioural responsibilities in the online world. The guide will remind Muslims of the Islamic responsibilities upon us to act a certain way in this world, which includes the online space. In doing so, they can impact the online world as model citizens of the internet.

This guide will:

– Provide Muslims with a clear understanding of their responsibilities’ as internet citizens
– Detailed scenarios relatable to the day to day engagement of Muslims that will be a helpful
reminder of actions
– Guidance through the Quran & Hadith that will guide Muslim’s actions and behaviour
– Understand our actions and behaviour online holds the same importance as offline.

Launch at YouTube HQ

We launched the two Muslim Digital Citizens Guides at YouTube Space, London on 30th January 2019. We showcased our projects with policymakers, community leaders, politicians and activists in attendance.

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Muslim Digital Citizens Guide
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