10 Security Tips For COVID-19 Secure Mosques With European Translations

Mosque Security Guidance Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Due to the development and acceleration of the Coronavirus pandemic from March 2020, Mosques and Islamic Centres across the world were forced to close their doors. It was not permissible for places of worship to remain open, as such, Islamic institutions remained empty for months. Security guidance was produced by Faith Associates during the lockdown for Mosques

However, as the situation has improved and restrictions lifted across the world, Faith institutions, including Mosques and Islamic Centres have been open for two months, with strict guidelines in place. We have been a number of Mosques attacked in the UK and Europe following the easing of lockdown restrictions, with hate crime shooting up dramatically. Even during a pandemic, the security of Faith Institutions needs to be a primary concern for trustees and management. The safety of worshippers inside and outside the building remains the number one priority.

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