Faith associates launch Fattah Cup as part of FIFA Forward Project at Wembley Stadium

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Faith Associates in partnership with London FA & Middlesex FA hosted a successful event on April 16th to officially launch The Fattah Cup 2024. The Fattah Cup is an Inter-Madrassah football tournament as part of the FIFA Forward project delivered by Faith Associates in partnership with London FA & Middlesex FA and supported by England Football.

This project and the inter-madrassah tournament will be the first of its kind bringing Mosque and Madrassah clubs across London together for a unique one day tournament to be held in London on the 1st June 2024.

We invited representatives of the participating teams to this prestigious launch event at Wembley Stadium, the home of English football, to meet the organising team, learn more about the tournament and how their participation fits into our overall strategy of promoting football in Mosques and Madrassahs. Over 45 leaders were present representing over 15 institutions across London.

The event also saw Mosque leaders from across London come together and strategize on how young people within their communities can be supported through the Fatah cup and enhance their sporting and team building abilities through this transformative project.

The event reinforced how the tournament will fit in with Faith Associate’s broader Beacon Mosque strategy for Mosques and Madrassahs by emboldening the young people within those institutions to reach their full potential, grow their confidence and gain interpersonal skills through the power of sport.

As part of the launch event, and the FIFA Forward Project, the London FA presented a special one day training/workshop event for up to 50 institutional leaders, activators and leaders to attend the prestigious St Georges Park venue (home to England’s National Football team). This event will be held on 6th July 2024, and will be the concluding event of the 2024 FIFA Forward Project.

After a successful launch and an enthusiastic response from all the participating parties we look forward to delivering across the various events on the FIFA Forward Project, starting with the Fattah Cup tournament day on 1st June 2024.

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