Non Theological Training for Imams

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Faith Associates successfully delivers Capacity Building Training to all Imams in High Wycombe

Faith Associates was commissioned by Wycombe District Council to deliver a unique non-theological training programme to all the Imams (Islamic Faith Leaders) in High Wycombe. The training covered essential elements such as leading communities, working with agencies, handling media, community development, dialogue of extremism, planning, re-visioning and more.

With attendance from all the Imams from Mosques of difference Schools of thought and Islamic centres in High Wycombe the series of tailored training, was delivered, in a culturally and Islamically sensitive way. The training methods included workshops, PowerPoint presentations, videos and practical theory of issues predefined by the Imams. Topics covered by the training included some the key themes from Faith Associates “Imams without boundaries” capacity building programme:

Imams• Hate Speech

• Effective Planning

• Effective Leadership

• Conflict Resolution

• Mediation

• Research skills

• Effective Listening

• Chairing Meetings

• UK Cultural awareness

• Handling the media

• Interfaith awareness

• Good governance and planning

• Visiting prisons, hospitals and schools

• Further education

• Managing Charities

• Establishing Charities

• Effective communication

• Engaging Agencies

For more information about the Imam Without Boundaries Training and programme please contact: Training Team on 0845 273 3903 or by email on


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