New Madrassah Website Launched

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Madrassah Website

A new Madrassah Website has been launched by Faith Associates, providing a dedicated hub for Madrassahs and Islamic supplementary schools with its latest initiative, ‘’. This Madrassah Website aspires for excellence in Madrassahs and Supplementary Schools. The key vision of the new website is to better standards & develop 21st Century learners.

Faith Associates has a long history in supporting Madrassahs and Supplementary Schools as can be seen by the development of the Madrassah Management guide.

This central, Madrassah website will provide expert information and key resources to inspire excellence in the Islamic education sector. The Madrassah website will highlight key areas of concern within the Islamic education system and provide solutions to ensure these areas are effectively improved, managed and maintained.

Madrasah Quality Standards Framework

A key aspect of the new Madrassah website ( will be the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF) written, developed and piloted by Faith Associates. The MQSF is specifically designed for the Islamic education sector and brings together legal requirements and good Madrassah practices that will enable Mosques, Madrassahs and Supplementary Schools to meet standards for: Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Effective teaching and learning and Organizational governance.

The essential aspect of the MQSF is the accreditation it offers to Madrassahs that have adopted the framework. This accreditation promotes the excellent work a Madrassah is doing that can then be showcased on a national and international level as an exemplar for other Madrassahs to follow. The accreditation levels include Mizan (Bronze), Kausar (Silver) and Firdaus (Gold).

National Association of Madrassahs

The second key aspect of the new Madrassah website ( is the creation of a ‘National Association of Madrassahs (NAM). The NAM will serve as an information and resource hub of Madrassahs across the UK. The adoption of the MQSF will convert into automatic inclusion to the NAM.

The NAM’s defining feature is its built in Madrassah finder database and the user generated Madrassah rating system that allows parents the opportunity to rate their child’s madrassah on specific criteria as a way of keeping prospective parents in the know and encouraging the Madrassah itself to strive for excellence in all areas.

Faith Associates prides itself on the success it has achieved in providing governance and strategy services to the Muslim community. We remain committed to providing aid and assistance to Mosques, Madrassahs and Imams wherever it is required.

Madrassah Jobs

Faith Associates’ vision for the newly launched Madrassah Website is to encompass everything related to the Madrassah. A key aspect of the website is to provide a section listing Madrassah Jobs. There are currently various posts being listed from full time teaching jobs to voluntary roles. There are many jobs out there related to the Madrassah sector, we are trying to bring these opportunities to a central place ( to make it easy for people to progress & seek new opportunities.

Please visit the new website here: & spread the word to friends and family that there is a new website which key aim is to better standards & develop 21st Century Learners.

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