Mosque Security Training and Support

Working to safeguard faith institutions

We endeavour, through training and support, to ensure Mosque managers have the right safeguards in place to protects the Mosque building and its congregation. 

In an environment of increasing far-right animosity to Mosques, Faith Associates has been advocating for, and advising Mosques and Islamic Centres on implementing steps to ensure that the institution, the management and the congregation are kept safe. We understand the risks that exists and are prepared to deal with an attack, should it occur.

Our dedication to Mosque security for the past 15 years has created strong relationships with various Mosques & councils of Mosques across the UK, developing dedicated support networks for Mosques to engage with one another, sharing tips and security initiatives.

Our Mosque Security training provides Mosque staff with the information required to identify, reduce and remove harmful risks, successfully preventing attacks from occurring. 

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Protecting Muslims and Faith Institutions

Our Mosque Security training provides Mosque staff with the information required to locate harm and react to it in a manner to reduce risk, as well as the ways in which Mosques can successfully prevent attacks from occurring.

Safety & Security Tips

This safety and security tips guide has been developed in partnership with various local councils and Mosques across the UK. It highlights the key steps and tips for Mosques to adopt to ensure they have the right safeguards in place for a safe area of worship.

Incident Management Guide

We produced an in depth Incident Management Guide for all faith institutions in partnership with Birmingham Council. Inside are step by step guidelines on how a Mosque should prepare, protect and respond to an attack.

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Below are some of our key strategic partners we’ve worked with for online and offline safety.

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