Press Release: Mosque Security and Faith Associates Welcomes Government Mosque Protection Funding

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Faith Associates and Mosque Security welcome the new government funding of £117 Million to protect Mosques, Muslim faith schools and community centres across the UK for the next four years.

We echo the remarks of the Home Secretary James Cleverly who has said: “Anti-Muslim hatred has absolutely no place in our society. We will not let events in the Middle East be used as an excuse to justify abuse against British Muslims.”

The rise of Islamophobia within the UK has been a worrying trend that has increased dramatically since October 7th. Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic centres are vulnerable to attack and hate crimes, leaving worshippers and congregations fearful, especially during Ramadan. This investment will go a long way in protecting the lives of Muslims within the UK and ensuring their safety is prioritised within places of worship.

Faith Associates through Mosque Security has an extensive history of supporting Mosques and Islamic centres in implementing steps to ensure that they understand the risks that exist and are prepared to deal with attacks, should they occur.

We believe that the investment should be spent in the crucial areas of training and developing bespoke protocols to protect these facilities. Mosque Security has developed unique Mosque security protocols that can help strengthen the protective measures of Mosques and Islamic centres to ensure the safety of all those who use the facilities. This is done through specialised Mosque security assessments, training programme and bespoke volunteer services.

Mosque security understands the unique and specific safety needs that have to be tailored to the specific requirements of each individual Mosque, Madrassah or Islamic centre to be truly effective in protecting people. Our work is vital in ensuring that Mosque and Islamic centres train volunteers and create systems to be able to prepare, plan and respond to potential incidents in a way that is best tailored to their physical infrastructure and staff or volunteer capacity.

We urge the government to use this crucial funding to invest in long-term solutions and protocols that can enable the safety of the Muslim community in the UK for generations to come.

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