Mosque Management Governance Training and Support Building Standards

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fotolia_4541279_xl-800x6001-200x300The Faith Associates team have frequented many mosques up and down the UK and abroad for the best period of three decades in the capacity as worshipers, managers and, teachers. It is clear that there is a necessity for the Mosque to serve the multiple needs of people of faith and Non Muslim community in the UK through innovative and engaging strategies that can make a real difference.

It is Faith Associates view that the mosque is uniquely positioned in British society to offer solutions to real challenges in many areas where Muslims and Non Muslims live, in particular areas where there is deprivation, poor cohesion and underachievement, the mosque is potentially a credible and sizable institution that can really engage with the community. The mosque could and should tackle some of the social exclusion and integration issues currently besetting the very communities the mosques were established for.

The purpose of this training, support and advice is to help foster better governance, increase the quality of the services on offer and to start the process of encouraging a greater vision and insight to what the future 21st century mosque in Britain and around the world could potentially look like.

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