Mosque Governance and Safeguarding Training (Milton Keynes and Crawley)

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11391266_10205449190842146_8198896432399766824_nIn June 2015, Faith Associates successfully delivered a 2 day Mosque Governance and Safeguarding training session to Mosques in Milton Keynes and Crawley. The training sessions are specifically catered to Mosque leadership, namely Imams and members of management with the aim of encouraging Mosques to improve their governance and become beacon centres for the whole community.

The Mosque Governance and Safeguarding Training constitutes a range of sessions that covers everything from the contextual importance of improving governance in UK to the specificities around leadership conduct, Mosque structures, strategic direction and even outlines the key requirements for a solid mosque constitution.

For a full list of what is covered in this training, to take a look at the other training sessions Faith Associates offers, to book a training session or simply get advice about your institution, visit the website and take a look at our services page.

Faith Associates prides itself on the success it has achieved with Islamic institutions and is committed to providing aid and assistance to Mosques, Madrassahs and Imams wherever it is required.

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