Media Campaign – Tackling Challenging Narratives

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Faith Associates delivers a successful media campaign against growing concerns over the escalating political conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

Faith Associates, in Imamsonlinecollaboration with leading UK Imams and Scholars, responded to concerns over growing tensions in the Middle East. Working closely with senior British Imams, Faith Associates was able to deliver, through Imams Online, a far reaching media campaign that provided a unique platform for the projection of positive Islamic voices.

Faith Associates understood the importance of a swift response to the growing extremist narrative being advanced by new found groups such as ISIS and the detrimental impact it was having on young British citizens. In keeping within the Faith Associates framework of promoting good governance and safeguarding Muslim interests, the strategic team felt it necessary to create a media campaign that tackled misleading narratives and promoted the true essence of Islam based on unity and cooperation.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Faith Associates brought together 100 Imams to sign a letterUKImamsUrge-Youth-not-to-Fight-Abroad_ urging British Muslims against going to Syria and Iraq to fight. It acted as a way of Imams coming together in a unified voice, warning young Britons of the dangers of sectarian divisions and social discord. The response of the media and the interest shown by the public was overwhelming.

Following the success of1939962_1507546856125116_810361595114881402_n this initiative, Faith Associates identified that an equally necessary response was needed to tackle the dangerous, false narrative being propagated by extremist group ISIS. Faith Associates, via the platform of Imams Online ,was able to produce an online video that brought together both Shia and Sunni Imams and promoted their strong condemnation of ISIS and its illegitimacy. The distribution of the video, online and through social media, was the key area that Faith Associates felt it needed to access in order to maximise both its reach and impact.

The Faith Associates team understands that modern day indoctrination and dissemination of information is largely done through online outlets, therefore Faith Associates decided it was much more beneficial to bring the voices of the Imams to social media. Faith Associates, through the platform of Imams Online, continues to work hard in producing and promoting material that showcases the correct message of Islam. It maintains the belief that legitimate Islamic voices, most notably Scholars and Imams, should be at the forefront when dispelling negative, detrimental representations of the religion.

Faith Associates and Imams Online continues to produce material tackling these challenging narratives and can be followed through different social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. For all Press and Media related enquiries, please contact .


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