Madrassah management toolkit

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handbook-v4-page-11-300x300This handbook accompanies The Mosque Management Handbook previously developed by Faith Associates.
It is intended as a clear guide to help Madrassah and Mosque management successfully run their Madrassah and contains practical advice including the legal requirements, for the United Kingdom, that must be observed when dealing with young people.

Faith Associates understands the conflicting pressures and demands made on staff and volunteers in Madrassah’s and often the lack of time and resources they have available.

This handbook provides guidance and advice on how to instigate good management styles, how to improve record keeping and how to build on good teaching and learning practice. Madrassah’s are places of learning and faith where young people should feel protected and secure. However, in even the best-run Madrassah there is always the possibility of facing difficult problems.

Madrassah’s have a legal requirement to ensure child protection and gives further details of these requirements, what to do in the case of suspected child abuse, how to nominate a Designated Person for Child Abuse, and the policies and procedures that need to be in place. In the Support Tools section we offer samples policies on child protection.

This handbook is intended to help those who run and teach in Madrassah’s to ensure that they not only comply with legal requirements but also provide the very best environment for their pupils to learn and grow into responsible members of the Muslim community. We hope that it is a source of information and useful examples for those who give their valuable time and experience to young people across this country.

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