Madrassah Safeguarding Card

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Madrassah Safeguarding Card

Madrassah Safeguarding Card has been developed by Faith Associates who is a pioneer and market leaders in supporting Mosque and Madrassah in their safeguarding practices. The Madrassah Safeguarding Card is a pocket information card to help support Madrassah staff, and administrators in their key Safeguarding duties.

The double sided card is designed to fit in the top or back pocket of a garment worn by teachers and should act as information source and reminder in matters related to safeguarding in the Mosque or Madrassah.

The Publication is part of the National Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (NM-QSF) developed by faith Associations to improve the quality of teaching and support of Madrassah pupils. The information developed in the card was based on work with Madrassahs in Barking, Wandsworth, Ealing in London, and Birmingham in the West Midlands.


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