Madrassah Management Training for Imams & Madrassah Teachers in Tower Hamlets

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Faith Associates delivered a two days Madrassah Management training course on the 31st March and 1st April in Tower Hamlets with the Association of Islamic Teachers. The training was delivered jointly by Sheikh Babikir of North Islamia Primary School and Shaukat Warraich, CEO of Faith Associates and was designed to help improve the structure & management and teaching in learning within the Madrassah context. We also consulted Imams and Madrassah teachers on our new qualifications offered at the University of East London and introduced our national Madrassah quality framework. Training topics covered:

  • Developing the Islamic Curriculum
  • Purpose of A Madrassah and delivering Qur’anic Education in the UK
  • Developing Children’s Relations with Teacher and Quran
  • Teaching & Learning in the Madrassah

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