Madrassah Management and Safeguarding

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A Handbook for Madrassah Management and Safeguarding 

As pioneers in the Mosque and Madrassah setting, Faith Associates has produced a ‘Handbook for Madrassah Management and Safeguarding’ which accompanies and compliments its ‘Management Guide for Mosques and Islamic Centres‘.

The handbook is intended to be a clear guide to help Mosque and Madrassah management and staff successfully run their institution and contains practical advice including the legal requirements for the United Kingdom that must be observed when dealing with young people.

Having visited and advised Madrassahs across the UK, Faith Associates understands the current pressures on staff and volunteers and on the lack of coherent governance and management structures in some mainstream Islamic education institutions.

This resource provides advice and guidance on how to instigate good management styles, improving record keeping, building on good teaching and promoting good practice.

The guide covers at 8 key areas:

  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Structure and Management
  3. Recruitment and HR
  4. Student Admission
  5. Teaching Strategies
  6. Madrassah Curriculum
  7. Performance Assessment
  8. Child Protection & Safeguarding

The handbook is part of the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework. It has been authored by Shaukat Warraich and Dr Ayub Rahim.

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