Listening to Children

Working to empower Children

Through our training, support and publications we aim to empower children to speak out and give them the tools to safeguard themselves from hateful rhetoric online/offline.

The introduction of internet and technology has meant that children are growing up in a fast paced and ever changing environment, with all kinds of threats emerging and subsiding. These may be threats that adults have not previously faced or come across, and children may find it difficult to explain to, or approach adults.

We are here to provide children with the tools needed to learn to speak up about the challenges they face, and protect themselves from hate online and offline.





Launching Guide with Facebook to empower Young Muslims

Supporting the youth in dealing with hateful rhetoric online/offline

Faith Associates is dedicated to reducing risk to children around the world. Through our safeguarding training, individuals in close contact with children are taught about the roles and responsibilities of staff members, E-Safety and all relevant child safeguarding policies. 

Keeping Muslims safe from hatred

Our  safety guide, produced in partnership with Facebook, aims to set out the tools available to safeguard young Muslims online from abuse and bigotry. It provides guidance on how to report hatred messages online and offline, leading to a safer environment for all.

Empowering children to tackle bigotry online

This safety guide highlights the risks that exist to online Muslims and presents the tools and resources available to keep them safe. By listening and empowering children online, they will feel like confident active internet citizens.

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Below are some of the key strategic partners we’ve worked with for offline and online safety.

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