Level 1 Safeguarding Training (Birmingham)

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Level 1 Safeguarding Training

Faith Associates successfully delivered a certified Level 1 Safeguarding Course to Madrassah Leaders at Woodlands Road Mosque in Birmingham, on the 8th February, 2016

The course was delivered by one of Faith Associates trained Safeguarding experts, Dr Ayyub Rahim, to both male and female teachers and management staff of the Madrassah.

The key aims of the course are to increase knowledge, awareness and the ability to act on concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people in Islamic institutions. As well as to identify policies and good practice in Safeguarding and to develop understanding of reporting procedures.

The key objectives were to increase an understanding of the indicators of child abuse, explore the impact of abuse and neglect on children and how to support them and to gain knowledge of professional roles and responsibilities under current guidelines and county procedures.

The topics covered were:

  1. Aims & Objectives
  2. Safeguarding in Islam
  3. National Safeguarding Agenda
  4. Definition of Abuse
  5. Preventing Radicalisation
  6. Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  7. E-safety (Social Media Policies & Safeguarding)
  8. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  9. Child Development
  10. Reacting to Disclosure
  11. Roles and Responsibilities in Islamic Institutions
  12. Information Sharing and Confidentiality
  13. Allegations Against Staff
  14. Summary of an Islamic Institution

For enquiries, advice or to book a Safeguarding course for your institution contact us on +44 (0) 8452 733903 or email info@faithassociates.co.uk. For a resource and information hub dedicated to the Islamic education sector, visit the newly launched Madrassah.co.uk

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