Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online Conference at Facebook HQ

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The ‘Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online’ conference has been developed by Faith Associates and Facebook for Islamic schools and Madrassahs. In partnership in 2017, Faith Associates and Facebook produced the ‘Keeping Muslims Safe Online’ safety guide, the first of its kind developed by Facebook. This conference is the next step, taking the contents of the guide and formulating an interactive workshop for children to be aware of digital citizenship, safety, importance of positive feeds, reporting and much more. View the guide here 

“If you’re a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you”.

– Mark Zuckerberg.



In the fast-developing world of social media, this Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online conference covers issues such as the risks of social media, the importance of e-safety and good online practice.

The Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online conference is an interactive experience for students, embedding technology displays, activities, goody bags and competitions run by Facebook. Pupils will have the opportunity to attend three workshops, with a separate session for teachers who accompany them.

The workshops will cover key areas relating to digital citizenship, online safety and challenging young people’s awareness of various forms of hate speech designed to develop their critical thinking skills and knowledge. The teachers’ workshop will explore their roles in digital citizenship and e-safety and will provide them with material to take back to their schools.

The workshops have been listed below. All attendees will be provided with certificates as well as resources from Facebook and Faith Associates.

Digital Citizenship and its importance

This workshop is related to the Keeping Muslims Safe Online guide and will highlight the tools and resources available to keep children and families safe online. The Digital Safety exercise will identify the Facebook Digital Safety Ambassador for each school in attendance.

Responding to abuse and identifying the risks

Despite all the good that we all share online; some people still want to use Facebook to spread their hate and bigotry. Sometimes, this hate manifests as anti-Muslim hatred and far right extremism. These all can have serious impacts on our society – be it locally, nationally or globally. This workshop will equip pupils with the knowledge to identify the dangers as well as strategies to robustly respond to threats.

The importance of positive feeds in drowning out the hate.

Social media gives us the power to stay connected with friends and family and be part of global communities, sharing ideas that help shape today’s world. It allows us the opportunity to project messages of peace and goodwill beyond the walls of our faith institutions and local communities and reach people we may never have encountered otherwise. This workshop highlights the impact of positivity on social media and how they can harness the power of social media for good.

The role of teachers in Digital Safety

Teachers have a critical role to play in ensuring the safety of pupils online. They are usually the first port of call for pupils when things are going wrong and have no one to turn to. This workshop will focus on ensuring teachers are aware of the part they have to play within the Digital Safety landscape and provide them with strategies they can implement in their schools.

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