The Launch of the Kawthar Project

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We’re excited to inform you about the successful launch of the Kawthar Project Launch. Attended by mosque leaders and Crane Valley Partnership representatives, it featured inspiring talks, dynamic discussions, and meaningful connections.

This ground-breaking initiative by Faith Associates through its ECO Mosque program envisions a journey towards sustainable water practices within mosques and their communities. Rooted in the Islamic tradition of stewardship, The Kawthar Project is a call to action, promoting a sense of responsibility and mindfulness.

Globally, water scarcity is a pressing issue. The Kawthar Project addresses this crisis at a local level, working with Mosque Leaders, Imams, Madrassah teachers, pupils, and worshipers to instil responsibility and love for the environment.

Be part of The Kawthar Project! Your engagement will play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

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