Imams Without Boundaries-Part-2-3rd Oct 2012 London

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Imams and other Islamic faith leaders are employed in the service of the community; primarily to lead prayers and to facilitate other religious rites. There is an opportunity for Imams Islamic Faith leaders to be engaged in wider societal matters such as undertaking pastoral care in public institutions such as councils, schools, prisons and hospitals. In the absence of a national central hierarchy, the need for guidance support and training for Imams to fully engage in these fields is critical.
The role of the Imam therefore is evolving, responding not only to challenges being faced by the Muslim community but also by more generic requirements imposed by wider society. Imams now need to be much more culturally sensitive to the values and ways of contemporary society. Faith Associates has developed non theological training modules to meet the needs of the Imams. Using experts in relevant fields Imams are given training in a culturally sensitive and compliant way in order to broaden their horizons and achieve their true potential.

Faith Associates Imams Without Boundaries

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