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Faith Associates and Facebook Safety Webinar

Why this safety webinar is important

Faith Associates and Facebook are pleased to be holding an exclusive safety webinar on the 24th September 2020, aiming to share best practices and information regarding safety on Facebook and Instagram for young Muslims.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, more and more young people were spending time online through social media apps, forums, websites etc.. what information, news and messages they were receiving and having access to was becoming a worry for teachers, parents and carers.

Due to the change the Coronavirus has brought about regarding the time we now spend online working or accessing information as face to face engagement has become more limited, it is imperative for parents and teachers to understand the safety measures, tips and information to keep their children safe online and be aware of the threats and things to watch out for.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for parents, Madrassah and Islamic school teachers and carers who are interested in learning from the Facebook Safety team about how children can keep themselves safe online and the role you can play in overseeing their digital footprint. It is important for parents and teachers to be aware of the safety measures that exist on Facebook and Instagram and the ways children can be kept safe with the tools and resources available.

This webinar can be part of the CPD for Madrassah and Islamic School teachers.

When is the webinar?

This webinar will take place on the 24th September at 4:00pm. The session will last 1 hour and will be conducted by the expert Facebook Safety team in the UK.

How do I register to attend?




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