The Fattah Cup 2024 – FIFA Forward Inter-Madrassah Tournament


What date will the Fattah Cup 2024 Inter Madrassah Tournament take place?

The Fattah Cup 2024 Inter Madrassah Tournament is scheduled to take place on the 1st of June 2024. Mark your calendars for this exciting event!

How many teams will be participating in the Inter-Madrassah competition?

The Inter-Madrassah competition will feature a robust participation, with an impressive 30 to 40 clubs vying for victory.

Age Group 1: 8-10 year olds (boys and girls mixed) playing a 5-a-side tournament

Age Group 2: 10-12 year olds (boys only) playing a 7-a-side tournament

Age Group 3: 12-14 year olds (boys only) playing a 7-a-side tournament

Where will the tournament take place?

The tournament will be held at an iconic London venue, soon to be revealed.

What are the age groups to be involved in the tournament?

8-10 year olds (boys and girls mixed teams)
10-12 year olds (boys only)
12-14 year olds (boys only)

Who is delivering this tournament?

The Fattah Cup 2024 is the FIFA Forward Inter-Madrassah Football tournament that has been launched and will be delivered by Faith Associates in partnership with the London FA & Middlesex FA and supported by the Premier League.

What other perks or opportunities are available as part of this project?

All Mosques/Madrassahs that register a team will receive some equipment and goodie bags for the Mosque to take back after the tournament.

What requirements are needed from volunteers of the Mosque/Madrassah when submitting a team?

Each team needs two volunteers who will be present on the day, with DBS of each volunteer needing to be shared with Faith Associates who will work with the Football Association to provide an FA version of the DBS.

What is the event taking place at St Georges Park in July 2024?

This is a unique opportunity for the selected Mosque leaders and volunteers to take part in a one day workshop and training delivered by The FA at the prestigious St Georges Park venue, home to England National Football team. This will take place one month after the tournament, will a full invitation and logistics to be communicated with selected Mosque leaders in the coming months.

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