Fattah Cup Inter-Madrassah Football Tournament Delivered As Part of FIFA Forward Project

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Fattah Cup Inter-Madrassah Football Tournament Delivered As Part of FIFA Forward Project

The Fattah Cup Inter-Madrassah Football Tournament as part of the FIFA Forward Project successfully delivered today in London. Faith Associates in partnership with London Football Association, Middlesex FA, and England Football brought together 13 institutions and 30 teams from across London to take part in three age group tournaments in an amazing day showcasing talent, diversity, passion and triumph.

Faith Associates has been leading the delivery on the FIFA Forward Project with support from the Football Association, in which the Inter-Madrassah football tournament would be organised and delivered alongside a Mosque volunteer leadership training event due to take place at St Georges Park on 6th July 2024. The Launch of the FIFA Forward Project took place on 16th April at Wembley Stadium in which we facilitated the gathering of the key management and volunteer groups of the institutions who would take part in the Inter-Madrassah football tournament.

Since the launch, we have worked closely with the management and volunteers from each institution who on the day of the tournament were all now compliant and accredited with the key trainings from the Football Association. We had over 50 new volunteers involved from across the Mosques involved in the project. These courses now provide the teachings and capacity for Mosques to continue to deliver football sessions for children within their institutions and the local community.

There were three tournaments held across three different age groups (8-10, 10-12, 12-14) which took place at the same time across the day. Overall, we had over 350 in attendance from children, parents, volunteers, management and stakeholders all invested and involved through the day. Out of the 13 institutions who were part of the project and participated in the tournament day, some Mosques submitted teams in all the age groups with others focusing on specific age brackets, but there was an amazing diversity across the 13 institutions from across different boroughs in London and Middlesex.

The talent, dedication, passion and sportsmanship on show was the key take away from the tournament, with children from across 13 institutions and different boroughs and backgrounds giving their all to win the inaugural Fattah Cup. Al Manaar Mosque (Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre) an accredited 5 star Beacon Mosque won the 8-10 and 12-14 tournaments with the Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre being victorious in the 10-12 tournament.

Ali the coach from Al Manaar mentioned the Fattah Cup was one of the most enjoyable tournaments his team had participated in, “On behalf of Al Manaar staff, volunteers and young people I would like to thank you and your team for the amazing and well organised tournament you organised on Saturday. It was one of the best tournaments we have ever attended”

Similar positive feedback was provided from Uxbridge Mosque (BM Youth) who were finalists in all three age groups, Belal Hussian, also expressed the immense joy and satisfaction the tournament brought to the children and the fun environment created bringing different institutions together from across London and Middlesex.

Fattah Cup Champions (8-10): Al Manaar, Runners up: Uxbridge Mosque (BM Youth)
Fattah Cup Champions (10-12): Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre, Runners up: Uxbridge Mosque (BM Youth)
Fattah Cup Champions (12-14): Al Manaar, Runners Up: Uxbridge Mosque (BM Youth

More Information: https://faithassociates.co.uk/fattahcup

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