Faith Associates Speaks at City Hall Safety & Security Briefing

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On Monday 24th October, Faith Associates delivered a safety and security workshop to a group of Mosque leaders from various key London boroughs at City Hall.

The event, entitled ‘The Strengthening of Faith Institutions: Improving Security & Safety‘ was held in partnership with Faith Forums for London and included a special community briefing from senior representatives of the Metropolitan Police service. The special community briefing from the Met outlined the current threats facing the capital and the advice they had on how to best protect people and property in the event of an attack.


Faith Associates CEO, Shaukat Warraich, delivered a presentation on how to ensure the safety and security of faith institutions such as Mosques and Madrassahs by outlining the steps laid out in his latest publication, the ‘Incident Management Guide for Faith Institutions‘. The presentation outlined 5 key steps to take to ensure that Mosques and Islamic Centres were prepared to deal with threats and attacks which included the importance of employing a dedicated safety manager and equipping the building with up to date security equipment amongst other things.

One of the key outcomes of the presentation was a commitment to develop and establish key relationships between Mosques management, trustees and faith leaders with local authorities and community support officers as a way of implementing a collaborative, community driven strategy to dealing with crime and ensuring the safety and security of minority communities.


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