BURIAL UPDATES: : Faith Associates with National Burial Council on burials from COVID19

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Updated Advice to communities and government on burials from CODIV-19 – Emergency Bill

Faith Associates to facilitate a series of National Conference calls to set out guidance and advice on Burials – Ghusal – Janazah for Coronavirus

Faith Associates in partnership with UK Council of Mosques, have been putting out different guidance and tips for Mosque worshippers and management as the Coronavirus has developed over the past month here in the UK.

See our up to date page here for general advice and guidance to Mosques and Imams on dealing with COVID-19 HERE

We have organised, alongside the National Burial Council, put together a National Conference Call with UK National Council of Mosques as well as the general community to listen to the advice and guidance from the council of Burials, Ghusal and Janazah’s.

Current Guidance for Muslim Burials from COVID-19

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