Faith Associates Media Engagement Following Finsbury Park Attack

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Following the horrific terrorist attack on worshippers leaving the Muslim Welfare House having finished Ramadan evening prayers, which saw one person tragically killed and a number of others injured, Faith Associates CEO Shaukat Warraich was interviewed on various media outlets for his reaction and response.

Shaukat focussed on Faith Associates expertise in advising Mosques and Islamic Centres on their safety and security and highlighted the need for faith institutions to take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their building and their congregation

He also highlighted how far-right extremists were specifically monitoring and targeting Mosques as soft targets and the need for the Muslim community to remain vigilant in these difficult times.

Faith Associates has recently developed and released a 10-point Mosque Security leaflet in partnership with 9 national Mosque councils which is available for free to the management of Mosques that provides easy to follow steps to securing Mosques and Islamic Centres.

Click on the links below to see where Faith Associates work was covered.

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