Faith Associates launch the Muslim Women’s Guide to Mosque Governance, Management & Service Delivery

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Faith Associates Launches ‘Muslim Women’s Guide to Mosque Governance, Management and Service Delivery’.

Written, compiled and edited by Shaukat Warraich (CEO, Faith Associates) and contributed to by leading UK Female Muslim Scholars, Activists and Teachers.

On Tuesday 5th April, Faith Associates will officially launch its latest publication, the ‘Muslim Women’s Guide to Mosque Governance, Management and Service Delivery’.

This guide has been written and compiled by Shaukat Warraich (CEO, Faith Associates) and 6 leading female scholars, leaders and activists which include: Ruqaiyya Waris Maqsood, Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Shaykha Safia Shahid, Razia Bismillah, Batool al-Toma and Julie Siddiqi.

The official launch of this publication follows on from the ‘Women in the Prophet’s Mosque’ conference that was organised by Faith Associates at the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (MCHC) in London. The setting for the conference was deliberate as the director of the MCHC, Ms Saleha Islam, was appointed in 2014 as the first female chief executive of an established Islamic Institution in Europe. Saleha Islam also provides the foreword for the guide.

The ‘Muslim Women’s Guide to Mosque Governance, Management and Service Delivery’ is launched at a time of heightened scrutiny on Islamic Institutions, particularly on the apparent lack of women’s involvement in key decision making roles.

This guide seeks to firstly, make clear the prophetic practice when it came to women in the Mosque (which was one of openness and inclusion) and to then set out specific practical examples and advice for current and prospective Muslim women operating in faith institutions, giving them the tools to become beacons of effective support and service delivery.

We are confident that having women play an active part in the in the services delivered by the Mosque will make the Mosque a living, breathing, sustainable institution for the whole community.

On the launch of the guide, Shaukat Warraich said,

“Women’s involvement in decision making roles in the Mosque is pivotal for the institution if it is to remain at the forefront of community life. This guide has been produced in light of the demand from women to be an integral part of the governance structure.”

He goes on to add,

“There are no excuses for current Mosque leaders not to have representation from women in decision making roles.”

In her foreword to the guide, director of the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, Saleha Islam says,

“Today, there are many barriers to the issue of women’s roles in Islamic institutions, barriers which did not exist in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This guide has been published to encourage those women who are already engaged in or aspiring to engage with Mosques and Islamic Centres and to help them overcome these barriers.”

Faith Associates has been a practitioner in the Mosque and Madrassah sector, delivering bespoke training, management advice and facilitating community development for over 20 years.

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