Faith Associates is honoured to be leading on the Iftar 2012 initiative.

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iftar2012_logo_large-FA-300x274Faith Associates is honoured to be leading on the Iftar 2012 initiative.

The Iftar 2012 initiative is working with a multitude of UK and international partners to host Olympic teams as well as Olympic fans visiting the UK to experience a Ramadan feast in a Mosque during the Islamic calendar month of Ramadan.

Faith Associates via the Iftar 2012 initiative is also working with the British Muslim community to invite neighbours and friends of all faith or non to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join them in a Ramadan fast-breaking meal during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Never before has the Olympics in the modern era coincided with the Islamic calendar month of Ramadan.

Iftar 2012 is seeking to offer the Ramadan experience during the 2012 Olympics.

We are working to:

– Feed people in six major UK cities: London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle;

– Be where all the Olympic events and teams will be hosted and where the biggest mosques are in the UK;

– Be where the national football teams and matches will be hosted in Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle;

– Join up with Olympic authorities and the police to host Olympic personalities (‘stars’) and manage team visits to Mosques for community and media engagements;

– Distribute food and manage local relationships through our local teams and

– Welcome Muslims and non-Muslims, people of all colours and races, people of faith and no faith to Mosques and support Mosque Open days during Ramadan 2012.

We want to welcome all our Olympic guests, along with anyone who lives in the UK, to share in a Ramadan fast-breaking feast in a Mosque near them. These events are open to all Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Iftar 2012 team is working with the London Olympic committee, UK Government Departments, the Metropolitan Police and some of the biggest mosques in the country to extend a warm welcome to all visitors and to make the Iftar 2012 extravaganza safe, special and spiritual.

For more information contact the iftar 2012 office on 0044 (0)1753 201244

Iftar2012 website:

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