Faith Associates invited to ISNA 2016 in Chicago

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Faith Associates have been invited to the 53rd annual ISNA convention in Chicago from the 4th-7th September. Faith Associates, CEO, Shaukat Warraich has been invited to speak at two different roundtable/workshop discussions:

  • Marrakesh Declaration Roundtable – A Re-Orientation Towards Madinan Ideals
  • Creating a Hospitable Mosque environment

Marrakesh Declaration Roundtable In this roundtable, Shaukat Warraich will be a part of the discussion on how we can use Marrakesh as a turning point for grassroots work that embraces the Madinan ideals in our mosques and communities. The session will also discuss how to infuse our work with Umma-centered approaches, tolerance, inclusivity and peaceful messages for those we serve and interact with in our daily lives.

Creating a Hospitable Mosque Environment Many mosques recognize the need to make our organizations open and hospitable to youth, women, and other segments of our communities; however, they continue to do business as usual and they fail to translate that desire into meaningful changes in operational practices, leadership change, and organizational commitment. This session, Shaukat Warraich will be apart of the discussion looking at specific strategies to help organizations develop the culture of being hospitable. It suggests principles and tactics that translate into a positive experience of every worshiper, guest and visitor; principles that run through the organization and flow from the top leaders to every employee and volunteer in the organization.

Marrakesh declaration RT - Faith Associates at ISNA
Marrakesh declaration RT – Faith Associates at ISNA
Faith Associates at ISNA
Faith Associates at ISNA

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