Faith Associates and Imams Online Condemn ISIS Atrocities

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Faith Associates in  conjuction with Imams Online have conducted a series of successful Media and Social Media campaigns in response to the atrocious, evil crimes carried out by the terror group ISIS.

Following on from the success Faith Associates had with their media campaign in June/July that bought together 100 Imams to deliver a message discouraging UK Muslims from going abroad to fight in Syria and Iraq, it has continued to respond to events of a sensitive nature in a control, measured approach.

Over the last 2-3 months, the atrocities committed by ISIS have seen a very rapid increase in injustice, brutality and sheer senselesness with both a militarily organised political expansion and the extremely distressing beheadings of innocent journalists and aid workers such as Steven Sotloff and Alan Henning.

Faith Associates understood the need for quick, measured, well organised and effectivley publicised counter-narrative material to be produced by a Muslim community that was united in its condemnation of ISIS and rejected all claims that they were following a recognised, accurate and justified Islamic ideology.

Faith Associates and Imams Online produced a series of video clips that bought together leading religious voices to reject the ISIS ideology, utterly condemn the beheadings of Steven Sotloff and David Haines and unite the community in prayers for Alan Henning at both Jummah and Eid Prayers in gatherings dedicated to remembering the sacrifices he gave for the Muslim community.

The impact of Faith Associates’ work can be measured in the way it was responded to by the Muslim community and reported on by leading news agencies.

Examples of news agencies that reported on the work of Faith Associates include:

It was encouraging to see the impact of the work undertaken by Faith Associates, the level of reach it had and the ability it had to bring muslim and non-muslim communities together in times of distress and sadness.

The team at Faith Associates is determined to continue in this vein. Faith Associates will continue to respond to social, political and religious issues as and when it is needed. Faith Associates is determined to provide the Muslim Community with the most effective platforms of communication in order to combat false narratives.

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