Faith Associates Commends Bradford Mosque Council for Charity Fundraising

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BCMFaith Assoicates held a Eid Celebration Dinner with the Bradford Council of Mosques to commend them on their incredible fundraising efforts during the month of Ramadan.

The Eid Dinner organised by Faith Associates in collaboration with the Bradford Council of Mosques, held at the Khidmat Centre, was both a celebration for the end of Ramadan and an opportunity to congratulate the Mosque Leaders in their organsaiton and effectivness of charity work.

It was revealed at the Dinner that the Bradford Muslim Community was able to raise £6Million for the desperate and displaced in Iraq, Syria and Gaza.

The real highlight of the fundraising effort though, was the Bradford Council’s strict adherence to charity comission regulations and their ensurance that all fundraising was undertaken in a safe and responsbile way.BCM2

Zulfikhar Karim, secretary of the Bradford Council of Mosques and co-organiser of the event said,

“The communities of Yorkshire have demonstrated their desire to support the needy around the world by giving in such unprecedented levels this Ramadan.

“Bradford Council of Mosques would like to congratulate the leaders of the many centres that worked tirelessly to support the communities they serve and encourage ongoing giving in a safe and responsible way.”

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