faith and sport

Faith & Sport

Faith and sport is a unique and powerful concept, bringing together and joining two strong elements that has the ability to make extreme levels of positive impact and change for good across the world. Faith Associates has been working with national sporting bodies in England to take recreational activities to faith institutions (places of worship) and faith communities for a number of years. Sport has the unique power of being able to touch millions, we believe by bringing together faith and sport this power can be multiplied as a force for good bringing about generational change.


Our aim is to ensure the welfare of children and adults, online and in Islamic institutions is protected, as well as ensuring the Mosque and its congregations are protected from a security point of view.


Faith Associates have worked for 15 years to improve quality standards and develop trainings to help benefit those in the Mosques and Madrassahs.

Olympic Games

The Muslim Digital Safety Ambassadors initiative is a FREE interactive mentoring, technical and peer-led, classroom-based training programme that gives young Muslims the confidence to challenge hate, react positively and build resilience amongst peer groups. The training and support are provided online through a secure portal and in the classroom through face-to-face training.

Commonwealth Games

This project is being supported by Google and the London Mayor’s Office and will conclude with a presentation ceremony in London to highlight and celebrate the work of our pupils in creating a productive, yet safe, online environment that future generations can benefit from.

Online Safety

Facebook Safety Guide
Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online Workshop
Digital Safety Ambassadors Programme
Muslim Digital Citizens Guide (Infographic)
Muslim Digital Citizens Guide (Animation)
E-Safety Training

Importance of our work

The growth of the online world has rapidly changed over the past 10 years with the growth of social media.Faith Associates through online safety training, publications and online portals are committed to safeguard children and adults at risk on the online world.

Offline Safety

Madrassah Safeguarding Guide
Safeguarding guide for Faith Institutions.
Level 1 Safeguarding Training (Day 1 & 2)
Mosque Security safety training in Mosques

Importance of our work

Faith Associates has produced award winning safeguarding, madrassah and mosque security training specifically tailored for Mosque and Madrassah leaders. Through this training we have been dedicated to increasing standards in Islamic institutions for over 15 years.

Safety Publications

Madrassah Management Safeguarding Guide
Safeguarding guide for Faith Institutions
Madrassah Teacher Safeguarding Card
Safety Checklist Guide
Facebook Safety Guide
Muslim Digital Citizens Toolkit

Intersted in training?

Want safety advice?


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“Everyone of you is a protector and guardian and responsible for your
wards and things under your care…” The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

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