Faith Associates are working alongside the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), national county cricket boards and international organisations to promote opportunities and developing pathways for children and adults in cricket, investing in areas and people from urban communities and cities.

Since 2019 and following on from the recent successes of England’s National Cricket Team, we have been working with the ECB and various other partners and funders to take recreational cricket activities aimed at young children and women into third (traditional) spaces, working with our network of faith communities and institutions. Our work in cricket centres around providing opportunities, access and development for communities who lack access and opportunities to play the sport.

As well as promoting and supporting communities on the delivery of recreational activities, we have worked with national organisations to provide training and support to aspiring coaches and activators across genders and age groups. A key part of Faith Associates is the development and empowerment of new leaders. Through this expertise, we have trained over 150 new activators in mental health and cricket leadership, with the majority being women. This is a key part of our work in cricket and sport, working with our partners to develop the next generation of activators by equipping them with the tools and expertise to support their communities.

Through our work in cricket, we have delivered recreational activities and projects in over 15 cities in the UK, and have recently delivered, in partnership with the ECB and national counties, the first of its kind national tournament for Mosques and Madrassahs. Faith Associates is committed through the sport and our partners to develop future leaders, establish pathways of success for children and ensure the sport is inclusive and accessible for all.

Portfolio Delivery

National Inter-Madrassah Tournament

Recreational Grassroots Engagement

Mental Health Training for Leaders

Developing and training Activators

Football Delivery Programmes to Faith Communities in 2021

Wild Cats

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THE EMAN CUP 2024 ECB Inter-Madrassah Cricket Competition
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