Church opens doors to Muslim worshippers after Kingston Mosque fire

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Muslim worshipers have been praying nearby Christians after a church opened its doors to members of the fire-damaged Kingston Mosque.

Father Martin Hislop has welcomed the Muslim community into St Luke’s Church facilities in Burton Road following a fire at the nearby mosque in East Road yesterday.

The fire left the building’s roof and staircase damaged yesterday evening.

Members of the mosque prayed last night and this morning in the church’s music room.

Fr Hislop said: “We are happy to rearrange things so the Muslim community can use our music room for everyday prayers. We are just working out what they need.

Your Local Guardian:

“We are going to do as much as we can. It does mean a bit of re-jigging – but that’s what neighbours do.”

But he added although he would have liked to help house the group’s Friday prayers, the large numbers expected – sometimes more than 1,000 worshippers, would not be feasible for the limited facilities in Burton Road.

Faisal Hanjra, trustee at Kingston Mosque, said: “We managed to pray last night and this morning at St Luke’s Church. We are so grateful for their hospitality.


Source: Local Guardian (Nazia Dewji)

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