Charity Commission encourages donors to give safely this Ramadan

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The Charity Commission is encouraging people to make checks before they give to charity this Ramadan. 

The regulator recognises that many people give generously to good causes at this time of year, and urges those doing so to take some simple steps to ensure their donations go to legitimate charities.

To illustrate this, the commission has produced a unique poster  entitled ‘Change the Picture’ which highlights the real change people can make for those in need by giving to legitimate, registered charities.

Throughout the year the commission runs a Safer Giving campaign to encourage members of the public to make simple checks before giving to charity collections.

Sarah Atkinson, Director of Policy and Communications at the Charity Commission said:

“Ramadan is very much a time for giving, but unfortunately there are individuals prepared to exploit this. We want to ensure that the generous donations made by people from Muslim communities end up supporting the deserving causes for which they were intended. The commission is committed to ensuring that trust and confidence in charities remains high, so we would encourage the public to follow our simple tips before making donations”

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                                                                        Mosque safer collecting & safer giving (Download)


Faith Associates supports the Mosques & Islamic Institutions in safer collecting and safer giving. Download the image above which highlights the ten step process to guide Mosques in  the process of receiving and giving money.


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