Update for Madrassahs and Out of School Settings During Lockdown – Risk Assessments / COVID Secure

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Re-Opening of Madrassahs and Out of School Settings During Lockdown

Updated: 05/11/2020 at 18:00

In light of the lockdown in England from 5 November to 2 December, the government has published the following guidance for Out-of-School Settings (OOSS):

Out-of-school activities (including wraparound care) may continue to operate if their primary purpose is providing registered childcare, or where they are offering other childcare activities, where this is reasonably necessary to enable parents to:

  • Work or search for work
  • Undertake training or education

Out-of-school activities may continue to operate for the purposes of respite care, including for vulnerable children.

Out-of-school activities that are primarily used by home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education (which could include, for example, tuition centres, supplementary schools, or private tutors) may also continue to operate for the duration of the national restrictions.

Youth support services, including 1-1 youth work and support groups, may also continue to operate.

These settings should continue to undertake risk assessments and implement the system of controls set out in the protective measures for holiday clubs and after-school clubs and other out-of-school clubs for children during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak guidance. Providers of youth services and activities should also refer to the National Youth Agency’s guidance for managing youth sector spaces and activities during COVID-19, where it is relevant to do so.

All other out of school activities, not being primarily used by parents for these purposes, should close for face-to-face provision for the duration of the national restrictions.

What does this mean for Madrassahs?

Although nurseries, schools, colleges and universities will remain open, Madrassahs – which fall under the ‘Out of School Settings’ category – must be closed for any on-site activities unless BOTH of the following criteria are met:

1. The Madrassah has an up-to-date Risk Assessment that ensure the facility complies with regulations to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. This will remain a requirement after the lockdown has been lifted.

Faith Associates offers a Risk Assessment service to Out of School Settings which complies with COVID-19 regulations. Please see below for more information.

2. The Madrassah is providing childcare to enable parents to:

  • attend or search for work
  • attend training or education


To facilitate this, Madrassahs might consider having written confirmation from parents which states that they require childcare to enable them to attend or search for work (or attend training or education) during the time the pupil is at the Madrassah.

Madrassahs can continue to offer remote learning services during the lockdown period under the current guidelines. Please click here to view them in full.

Support: Risk Assessments & Being COVID Secure


In light of the new guidance that has been released, Faith Associates is available to support any Madrassah and Faith Based Out of School Setting to ensure they have a valid Risk Assessment and are COVID-19 Secure.

Faith Associates have been provided Madrassah Risk Assessments alongside Council of Mosques, ensuring all staff and children are safe.

We have provided over 500 Mosque Risk Assessments across the UK throughout the pandemic, ensuring places of worship are COVID Secure venues – Download Risk Assessment Below

Madrassah COVID-19 Secure Guidance

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