Press Release: Beacon Mosque Launches National Mosque Directory

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Faith Associates launched National Mosque Directory Showcasing the Services Provided by Mosques to support communities affected by COVID19

  • Over 100 UK Mosques have submitted their services on the Mosque Directory
  • Over 20 Services are showcased on the directory for people to select what type of support they are looking for
  • The launch of the Mosque Directory challenges the false narratives pushed by the Far-Right about the Muslim community

Faith Associates through its Beacon Mosque initiative is proud to have launched the Mosque Directory – promoting the services being provided by Mosques across the UK to communities during this time of need.

Mosques and Faith institutions across the UK are doing exemplary work providing various services to communities affected by COVID-19. Over 100 Mosque services related to Coronavirus support have already been submitted to the Mosque Directory – available for communities to search and reach out for the help they need.

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a profound effect on Mosques and the communities they serve across the country.

We have seen many ways in which Mosque staff, volunteers and leaders are supporting those in need. Mosques have been transformed into food banks, drop off centres [medicines and PPE], elderly support hubs & unfortunately, mortuaries to deal with the rising numbers of the deceased.

At a time of great difficulty, having a national directory where people can search for the support they require, and having a list of institutions in their locality to reach out to is very important. There is help available for the people of this country during these troubled times; Mosques have mobilised in a great way and this Mosque Directory is an innovative way to showcase these services.

Shaukat Warraich, CEO of Faith Associates, believes the Mosque Directory shows the important work that is done by Mosques in the UK which is sometimes overlooked; “We have had over 100 submissions of Mosques providing various support services to communities across the country, the sheer scale of support being provided by Mosques highlights the important role that is played here and across the world by faith institutions.

As of 04/05/2020, there has been over 100 Mosque submissions to the directory to showcase services they are providing. On the Facebook page where the initiative was launched, people from across the UK reached out and requested for specific support they needed, with one person commenting; “Hi can you help me with emergency Food and toiletries parcel please I live in Derby thankyou”.

Unfortunately, even in the current climate, the Far-Right are still a prominent threat online through the promotion of their false and harmful messaging. Since the lockdown in the UK, there has been a rise in Anti-Muslim hatred online against Muslims, accusing them of “spreading the virus across the country”. The Far-Right had used the start of Ramadan 2020 to spread false narratives and fears that the Muslim community would break lockdown rules and spread the virus.

These false and dangerous narratives are challenged by the Mosque Directory as it serves as a platform that showcases the reality of what the Muslim community are doing to help communities across the UK. This platform provides a way for people to benefit from the vast amount of services available and promotes the fantastic work Mosques and Islamic institutions are doing across the UK helping the NHS, homeless, less fortunate and anyone who needs it.

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